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CN Stocks

1. CN Stock Market

1.1 Commission

TypeCurrencyFeesCharged by
StockCNH0.03% * Transaction amount,min CNH3.00/OrderFUTU

Note: Singapore government will levy a Goods and Services Tax (GST) at a rate of 7% on the commission.

1.2 Platform Fees

TypeCurrencyFeesCharged by
Fixed (Default)CNH15 CNH/OrderFUTU


1. Singapore government will levy a Goods and Services Tax (GST) at a rate of 7% on the platform fee.

2. Platform fees will be charged per order and there is no amalgamation.

3. The transaction fees of valid orders before cancellation shall be settled according to the trading day. The transactions on the same trading day shall be regarded as one order, and the transactions on different trading days shall be regarded as different orders for charging.

1.3 Other Fee

TypeCurrencyFeesCharged by
Handling feeCNH0.00487% of  Transaction amount , min CNH0.01/TradeSSE/SZSE
Securities management feeCNH0.002% of  Transaction amount , min CNH0.01/TradeCSRC
CSDC Transfer feeCNH0.002% of  Transaction amount , min CNH0.01/TradeCSDC
HKSCC Transfer feeCNH0.002% of  Transaction amount , min CNH0.01/TradeHKSCC
Stamp DutyCNH0.1% of Transaction amountSAT
Portfolio feeCNHholding stock value * 0.008% / 365(calculate by day, charge by month)HKSCC
Dividend taxCNH10% of dividend and bonuses (Deduct by SAT at the time of dividend distribution)SAT

1.4 Other service charges

Fund DepositFree
Fund WithdrawalFree
Stock DepositFree

1.5 Other fees

Dividend Collection FeeFree
Equity interest collection FeeFree
Bonus share collection FeeFree
Corproate Action Handling FeeFree
Annual General MeetingFree
Mailing/Stamping of Daily and Monthly Account StatementsFree
Dividend RecoveryFree

1.6 Margin

Long Margin for CN stocksAnnual rate 6.8%