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The Great Winner

1. Event theme

The Great Winner! Get S$128.8 Cash Rewards!

2. Event time

December 8, 2021 0:00-December 31, 2021 23:59

3. Event participants

moomoo users

4. Event rules

4.1 Enter moomoo fund subscription page through the event page. Subscribe to fund of any type from December 8, 2021, 0:00 to December 31, 2021, 23:59 and do not redeem units until January 7.

4.2 Net subscription amount will be calculated on January 8, 2022. The following shows the conditions and the corresponding rewards. Net subscription amount = Positions held on January 7, 2022 23:59- Positions held on December 8, 2021 00:00

4.3 US$1,500≤net subscription amount<US$6,000; reward: a S$8.80 cash coupon

US$6,000≤net subscription amount<US$12,000; reward: a S$18.80 cash coupon

US$12,000≤net subscription amount<US$15,000; reward: a S$38.80 cash coupon

US$15,000≤net subscription amount<US$25,000; reward: a $88.80 cash coupon

Net subscription amount≥US$25,000; reward: a S$128.80 cash coupon

4.4 Cash coupon will be issued to your securities account within 7 working days after the net purchase amount is counted on January 8.

5. Other terms and conditions

5.1 Participating in the activity to receive income does not involve subscribing to any real online fund products, so this activity will not incur other charges for subscribing to fund products, such as subscription fees, sales commissions and fund management fees.

5.2 Participants must meet the above conditions during the event to receive the corresponding rewards. For more details, please refer to the relevant terms and conditions or contact our support team. 

5.3 Participants must hold a Futu SG Securities account to redeem rewards.

5.4 Participants understand and agree that Futu, the organizer of the event, will display or use their corresponding moomoo ID/user name and avatar for the purpose of the event.

5.5 Participants agree that Futu has the right to revoke any rewards in their accounts obtained from abnormal participation in the event due to system loopholes, illegal operations, etc., without the need for additional authorization by the participants.

5.6 Futu has the final right to interpret this event within the scope of the law.

5.7 Data of this event shall be confirmed by Futu backstage. In case of any dispute, Futu reserves the right of final decision.

5.8 This activity does not constitute any offer, solicitation, suggestion, opinion, or guarantee for any securities, financial products, or financial tools. Investment involves risks. Please read the relevant risk disclosure statement before investing.

5.9 This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Disclaimer: Investment involves risks. Investors should carefully read the fund information and related documents (including its risk factors). Investors are informed that the price of fund products may go up or down, and may even fluctuate substantially within a short period of time, resulting in the possible loss of the amount invested. The past performance of the fund does not indicate future results. If there is content that resembles forward-looking statements in this advertisement, such content shall not be regarded as a guarantee of any future performance. It should also be noted that actual conditions or developments may be markedly different from those statements.